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NEENCA Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

NEENCA Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

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NAME: NEENCA Back Support Belt, Lumbar Support Belt for Sciatica Relief, Lumbar Disc Herniation Back Pain, Back Strength Support, Copper Yarn Back Brace Belt. TECHNOLOGY: NEENCA back support belt, an exclusive patented technology, combines copper ion yarn rich in up to 1500PPM with 3D high-precision knitting technology to knit into a high-grade fabric that can directly fit the skin. FEATURE: 5 aluminum steel bars surround the waist 360° to support the strength of the waist. The bilateral compression belts can adjust the tightness of the waist, disperse the pressure on the spine, and relieve the pain of the lumbar spine. NOTE: Pls choose the right size according to the size chart. Adjustable compression straps on both sides. SIZE CHART (INCHES): IMPORTANT: Elasticated compression straps with adjustable elastic. Small: 25.5" – 31.5" Medium: 31.5" – 37.5" Large: 37.5" – 43.5" X-Large: 43.5" - 49.5" XX-Large: 49.5" - 55.5"
  • BACK PAIN RELIEF: The back support frame contains 5 aluminum steel bar support frames, which provide 360° stronger vertical support, four times harder than the commonly used PP belts, the main steel bars fit the spine, support the lumbar strength, and reduce the pressure on the spine.
  • NEENCA's EXCLUSIVE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: high-grade fabrics combined with copper yarns, woven with 3D knitting technology, yarns rich in copper ions up to 1500PPM have anti-odor and dirt-resistant functions, high-grade fabrics can be directly attached to the skin, long-term wear, recommended use Scenario: gardening work, weightlifting, carrying heavy objects, full-time nurse, etc.
  • MEDICAL REHABILITATION BELT: NEENCA copper belt with 2 side compression elastic belt design, mainly designed for people such as intervertebral disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar spine surgery rehabilitation, bilateral compression bag can adjust the waist Elasticity, giving more strength support to the waist and reducing pain.
  • DETAIL ADJUSTMENT: Double-sided pocket handrail combined with Velcro design, easy to wear. In addition, silicone anti-skid straps are designed on both sides of the waist to prevent the lumbar support belt from rolling up when sitting, bending or performing other activities.
  • BRAND AFTER-SALES: Neenca is a professional manufacturer of outdoor products, which has long held the first position in the sales of medical equipment. NEENCA enjoys an exclusive patented brand in the United States, dedicated to outdoor sports rehabilitation and protection products. If you have any questions, please contact NEENCA brand after-sales service!
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