Knee braces are a quick, easy way to support your knee joint and relieve symptoms like pain and stiffness. They can also help you heal safely and prevent future injuries.Most knee braces fit around your knee with stretchy elastic or straps. The brace should be snug and secure without being too tight. It shouldn’t hurt or feel like it’s cutting off circulation to your leg.

Why NEENCA is your BEST choice?

  • Professional Knee Brace, Medical Grade Pain Relief and Injury Recovery.
  • Exclusive Patent: Knee brace with Side Spring Stabilizers & Patella Gel Pads. Strengthen joint support and reduce knee load.
  • NEENCA Double anti-slip technology: Elastic webbing stitched inside and Medical grade non-slip silicone strip, NO sliding and tumbling during exercise.
  • High-elastic design, soft and elastic fit to knee, making the protective gear comfortable to wear.
  • Breathable compression fabric, Quick at absorbing sweat. No allergies and itchiness. So you can wear them all day long!!!
  • Thickening to keep your joints warm and provide extra reinforcement without sacrificing comfort.
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What sets us apart from the competition?

Research. Test. Retest.We work closely with experts in Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapy to develop effective products that improve your quality of life and speed up recovery.